canadian rockies

Alrightie! So I'm sitting here in Alberta and looking at my suitcase. Realizing all I brought was non-cute work out attire so I'm struggling to find pictures I can blog. But I think I managed to find a few.

So my family flew out here 5 days ago - I flew out here 3.5 days ago. They had a bit of a head-start on me but saved all the more-interesting excursions for when I arrived so we got to do them together. So far we've been to the infamous Lake Louise, the Columbian Icefield in Jasper, and a handful of other beautiful lakes. The photos below were taken at Moraine Lake, a lake in the Lake Louise Area. It's actually so crazy how beautiful these places are.

I'm big on travelling but not super huge on nature. I've always been an arts, culture & architecture kinda girl when it comes to travelling (my boyfriend is the opposite, he loves the hikes), so I knew this trip was going to be out of my comfort zone.. however the grandness of the mountains and the strange eerie beauty of these lakes and trees got to me. I'm officially sold on nature.

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Packing for this trip was actually quite easy. I just packed all my sporty/athletic clothes into my luggage and left for the airport. However I didn't account for how cold it'd be considering we're in the mountains and near glaciers... so I only packed 1 pair of long leggings. Thankful for my mother who's always over-prepared. 

monday blues

I was sitting here at work and suddenly remembered this blog that I never update anymore.. thought I'd take some time out of my day to check in! What's been going on in life since May (the last time I posted), well not much to be honest. Been doing minimal travelling (boo.. ) and been pretty crazed at work. I've been to NYC and SF in the past few months since I last posted but seeing as they're cities I frequent in I didn't think much of either trip and didn't take too many photos. 

I've recently decided to take a new approach to my wardrobe, and it's been a tough one to transition into. I found I was buying too much/shopping too much at lower quality stores. It was easy to do because I'd find trendy tops and skirts at fast fashion stores like H&M, Zara etc. and I'd spend a good $200 dollars on a haul and feel great for a hot second as I thought my wardrobe was refreshed. A few months in I'd realize my mistake and either be over the once trendy item or it's lack of quality would give out on me and I'd have to replace it. So yeah, I've been trying to hold out for good quality items, and investing in all the basics from higher end, quality retailers. This isn't a revolutionary post, as I'm sure everyone does this - just my personal thoughts as I finally made the switch over. It's been a little sad because I feel like my wardrobe hasn't had a good refresh in a while, but slow and steady! 

That's all for now - sorry about this drab photo-less post. I'll update again soon, I swear it!


The highlight of our time in Turkey - Cappadocia. We once again travelled here by bus.. transportation in Turkey isn't the most sophisticated so there weren't trains for us to take. We had to hop on a little bus (similar to a Grey Hound bus.. but crappier), and sit for some 8 - 10 hours overnight before we arrived in Cappadocia from Pamukkale area. 

I feel like I've been saying this a lot about out trip, but it was legit worth it. The minimal time I spent on the hot air balloons (see below photos) was worth it. Truthfully, the balloon ride was like an hour long. It wasn't long at all. And it's pretty much all we did in Cappadocia.. besides eat and sleep. Worth it. 

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