In respect to the fact that this is really to be a fashion and travel blog, I'm trying to include more about what I did when I visited places, and not just info about what I wore. This post is a perfect example of a true travel post, and less fashion-y post. Also you can see how horribly sweaty and functional my outfit is .. a true testament to how anti-fashion I was this day.

So this post is about the amazingly beautiful city of Pamukkale, Turkey. We traveled here by bus. A crazy long uncomfortable bus. It's a tiny little city? village? town? that's pretty much catered towards this amazing travertine formation. We had to take our shoes off to hike up in the 35+ degree weather, and I probably complained like a baby but it was super worth it. The feeling of the cool water running through your toes as you hike up the slippery rocks was crazy surreal.

Pamukkale was one of the reasons we chose to visit Turkey at all, and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Turkey. 

Zara Tee (Similar), Mango Shorts, H&M Bag

white and blue

This was our last night in Greece. I truly loved our time in Greece and its 100% a place we'll be going back to. We visited a few places: Athens, Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, and Kos. 

If anyone reading this has any questions about Greece or travelling in/around Greece, seriously let me know. I will gladly drop whatever I'm doing to ramble on about the great food for an hour (all that matters when travelling).

The Zara dress was a impulse buy sometime last summer, anyone that knows me knows that I really only wear black/gray/more black. When I saw the cute white dress I was like 'ya but when will I wear this'.. LUCKY FOR ME, we ended up going to Greece, country of white and blue.. it was fate. 

The blue little cross body bag was also an impulse buy while in Miami sometime last year with my family. We were outlet shopping and I was very aware of the fact that I had no coloured bags/purses. This little number caught my eye and I was like meh what the heck.

Zara Dress (Similar), Milly Crossbody


Please forgive me as I clear the backlog of photos I have. I'm going to be posting a few (more) posts from Greece & Turkey, then New York, then Orlando, then LA before I move into recent/current posts. I'm terrible like that.

So here are some more Greece shots. Greece was hot as hell. No matter the time of day, stepping outside was like stepping into an everywhere steam room. We attempted to wear as little as possible at all times (until Turkey, but I'll get to that later), and below is a perfect example of 'as little as possible' 

I bought the dress on an online Urban Outfitters sale for some crazy price .. I think it was $12.99 or something. I'm also lucky to know the boss lady that is Jane Lee over at Silly B Intimates (she sells some amazing sticky bras - something I've come to learn is a necessity in any woman's closet .. check her out here), and she generously gifted me a backless bra that was perfect for this dress. 

Urban Outfitters Dress (Similar), Milly Crossbody, Ray Ban Sunglasses