Please forgive me as I clear the backlog of photos I have. I'm going to be posting a few (more) posts from Greece & Turkey, then New York, then Orlando, then LA before I move into recent/current posts. I'm terrible like that.

So here are some more Greece shots. Greece was hot as hell. No matter the time of day, stepping outside was like stepping into an everywhere steam room. We attempted to wear as little as possible at all times (until Turkey, but I'll get to that later), and below is a perfect example of 'as little as possible' 

I bought the dress on an online Urban Outfitters sale for some crazy price .. I think it was $12.99 or something. I'm also lucky to know the boss lady that is Jane Lee over at Silly B Intimates (she sells some amazing sticky bras - something I've come to learn is a necessity in any woman's closet .. check her out here), and she generously gifted me a backless bra that was perfect for this dress. 

Urban Outfitters Dress (Similar), Milly Crossbody, Ray Ban Sunglasses