canadian rockies

Alrightie! So I'm sitting here in Alberta and looking at my suitcase. Realizing all I brought was non-cute work out attire so I'm struggling to find pictures I can blog. But I think I managed to find a few.

So my family flew out here 5 days ago - I flew out here 3.5 days ago. They had a bit of a head-start on me but saved all the more-interesting excursions for when I arrived so we got to do them together. So far we've been to the infamous Lake Louise, the Columbian Icefield in Jasper, and a handful of other beautiful lakes. The photos below were taken at Moraine Lake, a lake in the Lake Louise Area. It's actually so crazy how beautiful these places are.

I'm big on travelling but not super huge on nature. I've always been an arts, culture & architecture kinda girl when it comes to travelling (my boyfriend is the opposite, he loves the hikes), so I knew this trip was going to be out of my comfort zone.. however the grandness of the mountains and the strange eerie beauty of these lakes and trees got to me. I'm officially sold on nature.

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Packing for this trip was actually quite easy. I just packed all my sporty/athletic clothes into my luggage and left for the airport. However I didn't account for how cold it'd be considering we're in the mountains and near glaciers... so I only packed 1 pair of long leggings. Thankful for my mother who's always over-prepared.