I decided to start this blog a while ago, but I never got around to it - I wanted a place where I could keep a scrapbook-of-sorts of what I like and what I think is fashionable. I'm planning on making a couple features to the blog - a Friendly Finds feature, where I display outfits and/or clothing of friends and family that I find inspiring and fashionable while still expressing their personal style. Another is the Personal Pieces feature - where I'll post photos of my own outfits and purchases that I think are unique and interesting. And finally, an Interesting Items feature, where I'll post reviews or descriptions of other random pieces of clothing, accessories or anything that I find interesting and would like to share!
The title Belt or No Belt comes from a funny conversation with some roommates a couple months ago. I was getting ready for a night out and asked a couple of friends "Belt or No Belt" (for my outfit). 4 out of 5 said Belt and of course, there was the odd one out. It became a running joke that the one friend that disagreed had no sense of style, and as I was brainstorming for a blog title it kind of popped into my head for some unknown reason! I'm in no way shape or form a fashionista. I do not own a pair of Louboutins or have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw - but I do appreciate clothes, especially if they're flattering, expressive, comfortable, and affordable.