In respect to the fact that this is really to be a fashion and travel blog, I'm trying to include more about what I did when I visited places, and not just info about what I wore. This post is a perfect example of a true travel post, and less fashion-y post. Also you can see how horribly sweaty and functional my outfit is .. a true testament to how anti-fashion I was this day.

So this post is about the amazingly beautiful city of Pamukkale, Turkey. We traveled here by bus. A crazy long uncomfortable bus. It's a tiny little city? village? town? that's pretty much catered towards this amazing travertine formation. We had to take our shoes off to hike up in the 35+ degree weather, and I probably complained like a baby but it was super worth it. The feeling of the cool water running through your toes as you hike up the slippery rocks was crazy surreal.

Pamukkale was one of the reasons we chose to visit Turkey at all, and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Turkey. 

Zara Tee (Similar), Mango Shorts, H&M Bag