1. Where did the name "Belt or No Belt" come from?
    The name kinda came to be when I was first thinking about starting this blog back in 2011. I lived with 5 roommates at the time and we frequently asked for each other's opinions when doing just about anything. So as I was putting together an outfit for a night out, I went about asking all 5 of them 'belt? or no belt?' (referring to my outfit). The question or phrase just kinda stuck with me and when the time came for me to come up with a blog name it was an easy choice. 
  2. Who takes your photos?
    I get this one a lot. Like a lot a lot, which surprises me (because I don't particularly think the photos posted on my blog are that great, hah!). But most of my photos are taken either by my sister or my boyfriend. Neither of whom are professional photographers. But I assure you, every time I get a compliment on a photo I notify them right away. 
  3. Why aren't you posting very often?
    Unfortunately blogging is not my full time job. I do indeed have a day job and crazy as it is, it usually takes up most of my week and occasionally my weekends. I try to work on building out posts and taking photos of my outfits as often as possible, I swear it!